Use this powerful cleansing kit to remove any unwanted energies or entities from your space, restoring calm and loving vibrations.  |  FREE SHIPPING ON THIS BOHX, YAY!
smudge bowl  |  THROWN handmade pottery bowl to catch your sage ash, hold your crystals, or use as a trinket bowl!
sage smudge stick  |  dispels impurities and negative energies. is antimicrobial to rid your space of bacteria. comes with instruction card.
palo santo stick  |  ancient south american 'holy wood'. burn to invite in new, positive energies. sustainably sourced.
organic pure essential oil  |  PERFECT POTION space clearing. this divine blend of oils will restore balance and purify negative emotional, mental and subtle energies, creating a sacred and harmonious space.
banksia pod diffuser  |  a natural diffuser. just add up to 1 ml of your space clearing oil.
selenite stick + meaning card  |  cleanses and purifies it's environment, and brings the light!
amethyst mini cluster + meaning card |  soothing. strengthens psychic abilities + intuition. a high vibration that will help you connect to the divine. 
spirit wand  |  TINKIEQ driftwood, emu feathers (ground gathered) + clear quartz. a very special, totally unique, one-off piece. use to direct intentions.
black obsidian tower 20cm + meaning card  |  this stunning piece is for grounding and protection. a strong shield against negative energies, absorbing and dissolving.

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all beautifully presented in our signature pink bohx


Free shipping on all orders over $169 aud
Flat rate shipping $10 on all orders up to $169 aud
Please allow 1 - 4 business days for delivery 
Orders placed by 12pm AEST will be shipped the next business day
All orders will be shipped in biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic packaging     


    As a personalised gifting service, BOHX does not offer refunds except on faulty items.

    Should this be the case please email us immediately with details of the faulty item/s and we will get that replaced asap for you.

    If BOHX is unable to replace the item/s we will offer a credit or refund.

    We cannot be held responsible for parcels lost in transit but we will do everything in our power to track it down and get it delivered asap!

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