AMAZONITE  |  prosperity, personal truth

Heart + Throat Chakras
A stone of prosperity, and fairness in the workplace. Helps you to be aligned for new opportunities. Amazonite will help you see both sides of a situation objectively, to feel empowered to set boundaries and to communicate with others effectively. Magnifies our intentions when they are spoken out loud. This crystal helps to keep moving your life forward in a clear direction.


AMETHYST  |  calm, intuition, sobriety

Third Eye + Crown Chakras
Amethyst stones soothe the mind and emotions to facilitate a connection to the divine. A high frequency crystal that purifies the aura and assists in an enhanced meditative state. Amethyst stimulates the third-eye and crown chakras, strengthening the imagination and helping to develop psychic abilities and intuition. Also a comforting stone for those grieving the loss of a loved one.


AQUAMARINE  |  soothing, truth, trust

Throat Chakra
Calming and soothing, this stone encourages truth. It helps to balance your emotions by guiding you to let go of those that are holding you back. Aquamarine assists with clearing the throat chakra and in-particular public speaking. Use to heal hayfever and breathing issues. Brings peace and tranquility to an overactive mind. Use for protection around water travel.


BLACK OBSIDIAN  |  protection, truth, detox

Root Chakra
This cooled volcanic lava is used for grounding and protection. A powerful stone that forms a strong shield against negativity and blocks psychic attack. It facilitates safe exploration of the unknown and dissolves negativity. This stone will help you strengthen your self-control, and disperses unloving thoughts. It is also a stone of truth, prophesy, self-reflection and detox.


BLACK TOURMALINE  |  protection, grounding

Root Chakra
A talisman of protection and a shield against psychic attack and energy vampires (negative people). Guards against radiation from electronics, and grounds you to the earth. Strengthens your sense of smell and helps with motion sickness. Use to treat issues with lower back, legs and feet, as well as anxiety, panic attacks, fear and paranoia. Use to purify the aura.


BLOODSTONE  |  courage, decision-making

Root + Heart Chakras
A grounding and protective stone that will give courage when needed or guide you when to avoid confrontation. A nurturing stone that helps in decision-making. When it comes to creative endeavours will assist in taking an idea from planting stage to fruition. Is helpful in healing blood-related illness, and use to ward off cold and flu symptoms. Use when detoxing. Assists in childbirth. Aids circulation.


BLUE LACE AGATE  |  encouragement, support

Throat Chakra
A stone of calm communication and confidence. A slower vibrating crystal, it is stabilising and strengthening, giving support when needed. Gift to those you wish to keep your secrets, as it warns against gossip or talking too much. A great stone for pregnancy, as well as postpartum depression. Aids throat and thyroid problems and strengthens bones. Use to treat skin conditions and help concentration.


BRECCIATED JASPER  |  grounding, nurturing

Root + Sacral Chakras
Combining the nurturing energy of red jasper with the grounding force of hematite. Promotes wellness and recovery. Can assist those who feel overwhelmed, especially with matters of organisation. Helps you to feel safe and secure, and to release feelings of shame and guilt. Lends support during times of sustained stress. Unifies all aspects of your life, and reminds us to be kind and helpful to other people.


CARNELIAN  |  female energies, courage, home protection

Sacral Chakra
Stimulates metabolism and aids in detoxing. Supports the reproductive organs in men and women, especially helping with fertility, menopause and menstruation. Carnelian is also a stone of courage (particularly for singers and performers), passion and desire. Use to balance energy in the body and to stimulate apetite, as well as to guard the home against theft, storm and fire.


CELESTITE  |  soothing, healing

Throat, Third Eye + Crown Chakras
Celestite is calming on the mind, body and spirit. This heavenly stone soothes, and inspires deep relaxation. Keep near your bed for peaceful sleep and sweet dreams. Dissolves pain and eliminates toxins from the body. Treats the eyes and ears, relaxes muscle tension, helps mouth ulcers, tooth decay and gingivitis. Aids digestion, activates metabolism. Supports ethical and metaphysical based businesses.


CITRINE  |  wealth, happiness, creativity

Solar Plexus + Sacral Chakras
Carrying the power of the sun, citrine is warm and comforting. A stone of manifesting and abundance, it assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth. Use to transform negative situations into positive. Attracts happiness and sparks creativity. Not recommended for those with fiery personalities. Enhances energy and metabolism. Use to treat kidney and bladder issues. Fades in sunlight.


CLEAR QUARTZ  |  master healer, amplifier

Crown Chakra
Brings light to darkness. Amplifies energy and thought as well as the powers of other crystals. Helps with concentration and enhances psychic abilities. Cleanses and balances the mind, body and spirit. Aligns all the chakras and harmonises the subtle bodies. Program your clear quartz with your intention by holding it in the sun and stating your intent in love + light.


EMERALD  |  healing, marital bliss

Heart Chakra
Use emerald for good health, healing and wisdom. A stone of successful love, opens and heals the heart chakra and nurtures a happy marriage and loyalty. Associated with the eyes and sight, emerald is also used for intuition and foretelling future events. A stone that calms emotions but invigorates thought. Encourages cooperation and understanding within groups of people. 


GARNET  |  regenerative, past lives

Root Chakra
A sensual stone, strong and intense. Use to detox the body, alleviate acne, stimulate metabolism, and treat low libido. For the spine, and for past-life recall. Can ward off bad dreams and can prevent insecurity issues and money losses. Encourages business success. It balances, strengthens and protects. It enhances one’s internal fire to bring about more creativity.


GREEN FLUORITE  |  focus, cleansing, renewal

Heart Chakra
A calm, stable frequency that brings order to chaos. Helps with focus and concentration, and expands the mind to greater mental and spiritual awareness. A cleansing stone that brings energies of renewal. Green fluorite inspires new ideas and originality, and can help the emotional body understand matters of the heart in order to bring about the required healing. Harmonises the mind + heart.


HEMATITE  |  grounding, mind-calming

Root Chakra
Hematite calms the mind in times of worry. It repels negative energy and encourages balance and cooperation. A grounding stone that helps bring about self-awareness and connection to the earth. Hematite is said to be helpful in legal situations. Detoxifying. Nurturing.
*natural hematite may contain a magnetic charge. please consult with your doctor if you have a pacemaker.


HIMALAYAN QUARTZ  |  higher guidance

Crown Chakra
The Teacher stone. will help you to navigate your way through life and encourages clarity of thought and purpose. A very high vibrating crystal that gives you a strong and clear connection to higher guidance. Clears stagnant energy. Amplifies and recharges other crystals. Beneficial to all chakras but especially the crown chakra. It may be pink or icy white.


LABRADORITE  |  magic, transformation

Throat + Third Eye Chakras
Often referred to as the stone of magic, labradorite enhances spiritual gifts, especially telepathy + psychic abilities. Using this stone frequently you will notice an increase in synchronicities. Transformative, labradorite inspires change, and helps you to recognise your destiny. Stimulates strength and perseverance to help you reach your goals. Useful for past-life recall.


LAPIS LAZULI  |  truth, dignity, insomnia

Throat + Third Eye Chakras
A stone of inner truth, wisdom and self awareness. It encourages dignity, good judgement and intellectual analysis. It stimulates desire for knowledge and understanding, and helps with memory. Aids deep communication and brings calmness to the home. Helps menstrual issues, ear + eye infections, insomnia, headaches and ADD. Will show you opportunities for growth.


LEPIDOLITE  |  astral travel, menopause

Throat + Third Eye Chakras
This stone dispels negative energy and brings about a deep emotional healing. It is the stone of transition, use to release or reorganise behavioural and psychological patterns, and in times of stress, grief and loss. Use for astral travel and accessing the akashic records. Relieves exhaustion, allergies and joint problems. Stabilises mood swings and is excellent for menopause.


MALACHITE  |  growth, travel, pms, depression

Heart Chakra
A soothing stone of transformation and spiritual growth. Encourages change and risk-taking. Helps with depression and anxiety. Protects against electromagnetic pollution. Use to overcome a fear of flying,  jetlag and travel sickness. Useful in relieving menstrual cramps. Treats asthma. Helps with short-term memory loss. *Malachite is toxic and should only ever be used in it’s polished form.


MOONSTONE  |  new beginnings, fertility

Sacral + Crown Chakra
This magic connection to the moon stabilises emotions, enhances intuition and promotes success. Moonstone teaches us the natural rhythms of life. It protects the night traveller and helps sleeplessness. Use peach moonstone for worry or anxiety and weight issues, and white moonstone for vision and dreamwork. An excellent crystal for new loves, and is the best fertility stone.


MOSS AGATE  |  recovery, birthing, stabilising

Heart Chakra
The crystal of gardeners, promoting growth. This stone vibrates at a slower frequency than other stones - use as a stabilising tool. Speeds up recovery from illness, is anti-inflammatory and boosts the immune system. Use to treat fever, infections, colds and flu and to assist with delivering babies. Excellent for balancing yin and yang energies. A stone of new beginnings and abundance, attracts new business.


NEW JADE  |  tranquility, nature

Heart Chakra
Inspires a tranquil mood, helps ease depression and fear of change. A general emotional cleanser. This stone holds the history of the earth and is a great tool to help you connect with nature. regulates cellular regeneration and replenishes energy. Is said to protect against snake bites and poison. Traditionally used for activating the kundalini energy and clearing chakras.


ONYX  |  duality, strength, intuition

Root Chakra
This somewhat ominous stone integrates dualities within the self and is a talisman of strength and self mastery. It connects us to our body, the earth, and family. It should never be worn for too long (said to resurface old traumas), however when used properly can release and banish pain and overcome sadness. Protective against psychic and physical bullies.


ORANGE CALCITE  |  creativity, sexuality

Sacral Chakra
Awakens creativity and sexuality, and helps heal depression. Energises and cleanses the lower chakras. Enhances your will, brings insight into causes of lethargy. Helps to release past traumas that might be holding you back - this allows for more joy in your life. Connects emotions to intellect. Use for immunity, arthritis, skin conditions and tissue healing. Combats laziness. 


PINK AMETHYST  |  self-love, comfort

Heart Chakra
The inclusions of hematite and iron give pink amethyst it’s pretty hues. This stone reminds us that the love we seek is already within us, and that now is the time to radiate this love. Brings calmness, comfort in times of need, and clarity of the mind. Increases ones intuition. This crystal has a soft energy of peace, tenderness and healing. Feelings of tolerance and acceptance will be stimulated by this crystal.


PINK TOURMALINE  |  compassion, children, anxiety

Heart + Crown Chakras
Infusing love and spirituality, pink tourmaline encourages compassion, especially in times of change or upheaval. A loving stone for children, for bonding with a new baby, and for anyone who has suffered abuse. Use for depression + anxiety. Traditionally used to point out an offender. Can regulate the menstrual cycle, and supports both girls + boys during puberty. May help with dyslexia.


PREHNITE  |  peace, love, healing, balance

Solar Plexus + Heart Chakras
Known as the crystal to heal the healer. Enhances inner knowing and prepares you to be prepared. Prehnite calms the environment and brings peace and protection, a stone of unconditional love. Helpful for decluttering and letting go of possessions. Rebalances mind and body, dreams and reality. It lovingly helps you in getting organised to make your dreams come true by helping you understand yourself. For digestion, kidneys, bladder, lungs, circulation.


PYRITE  |  wealth, will, manifesting

Sacral + Solar Plexus Chakras
Emphasises the ability to create one's own wealth. Pyrite is a stone of will and action. Wear to deflect harm and danger, especially when away from home or performing dangerous tasks. Pyrite also guards against control, criticism, and manipulation. It helps you to overcome mental fatigue and tiredness and increases focus. Can assist with male impotence and infertility.


ROSE QUARTZ  |  unconditional love

Heart Chakra
The stone of unconditional love and kindness. Opens the heart to deep inner healing and self-love. Use to encourage self-acceptance and build self-worth. Supports the physical heart and circulatory system, and aids fertility. A humble yet powerful crystal that can help the heart to trust again. Use the gentle vibration of rose quartz in all matters of love and forgiveness.


RUBY FUCHSITE  |  strong relationships, vitality

Heart Chakra
Soothes distress and suffering and heals the emotional body. Use to build strong relationships in love and friendship, and as a transformation tool when looking to make positive changes. Will assist you in finding new paths, and express your individuality while still connecting with others. Can open and enhance psychic awareness. Promotes physical healing and vitality.


SAPPHIRE  |  truth, order, fidelity

Throat + Third Eye Chakras
Allows access to deeper levels of consciousness. A stone of wisdom and psychic activation. embraces order, structure and self-discipline. Ideal to use for manifesting goals. Use blue sapphire to stay on your spiritual path, and for assistance in daily routine and action. For commitment and fidelity. Will aid resolutions in legal matters. Effective for connecting to higher realms and healing through the voice.


SELENITE  |  cleansing, meditation

Crown Chakra
Named after the Greek goddess of the moon (Selene), selenite cleanses and purifies it’s environment. It is self cleansing and also cleanses other crystals around it. it has a calming, high vibration that makes it perfect for meditation, reiki, breath work, yoga... and will guide you to an elevated state of being. bringing in the light, an important tool for any energy worker.


SMOKY QUARTZ  |  protection, release

Root Chakra
Gently dissolves negative energies as it encounters them, and should be cleansed regularly. It relieves fear, stress, anger, headaches, depression and helps you to release all that no longer serves you. Use to guard the home, vehicles and possessions, and to protect on long drives and against road rage. Filters out bad attitudes and gossip. Connected to the earth.


SODALITE  |  logic, authenticity, insomnia

Throat + Third Eye Chakras
Brings order and calmness to the mind, encouraging logic. It helps with self-acceptance and self-expression and encourages you to be authentic. Balances metabolism, boosts the immune system and can help prevent insomnia. Guides you to be calm when you are worried or stressed. Will remind you to think before you speak, supporting you in hard conversations.


SUNSTONE  |  personal power, vitality

Sacral Chakra
Connected to the energy of the sun, this stone will help pull you out of a funk, reigniting creative juices and helping you feel more joyous. Helping you look on the bright side of life, use this stone to set happy intentions. Encourages originality and attracts unexpected abundance. Keep this stone close to draw a promotion or in any leadership or management role.


TIGERS EYE  |  balance, inner vision

Root, Sacral + Solar Plexus Chakras
A stone of divine vision and protection. It supports necessary changes and teaches balance between right and wrong, light and dark, good and bad. Integrates the physical and spiritual realms together. Brings inner vision and understanding of the cause and effect of situations. Encourages you to be wise, practical and compassionate. Helps with health goals and to boost willpower. Can help reduce anxiety. 


TURQUOISE  |  luck, leadership, balance

Throat + Third Eye Chakras
Is said to become pale when worn by the sick or sad. Used for protection from falling and fear of flying. In times of past was said to bring health and happiness when gifted from a true friend. Often a symbol of male power, and of luck and success. Promotes leadership and protects your possessions. Detoxifying and good for stomach ailments. A mood and emotions balancer. Use to enhance intuition and for past life recall.